Landslide victory for Conservatives as Black Country turned blue and Labour almost wiped out

LIVE The Conservatives are celebrating after winning their biggest majority since 1987 in a result which has almost wiped out Labour in the Black Country and Staffordshire.


  • The Conservatives have comfortably won a majority, with key seats in the Black Country swinging to the Tories from Labour
  • Both West Bromwich seats and two out of three Wolverhampton seats are now held by Conservatives, as is Ian Austin's former seat in Dudley North
  • Labour now only holds three seats in the Black Country - in Wolverhampton South East, Warley and Walsall South
  • Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed he will not lead Labour in another election and Jo Swinson has stood down as Lib Dem leader after losing her seat
  • The president of the European Council has said he expects a vote on the UK’s Brexit agreement “as soon as possible”

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