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A day in the life of a pro football academy

Excitement filled the air as our “Day in the Life of a Pro” event kicked off at the Amethyst 6th Football Academy in Wolverhampton! Our 6th Form students dived into the world of a professional football academy, experiencing training sessions with UEFA A licensed coaches and gaining insights from the Director of PSG Academy UK, Alex Harrap. It was an unforgettable day!

Training with Samba Soccer Coaching. Photo: Moreton School

Mr Spicer briefed our students on the day’s agenda, setting the stage for an action-packed experience. After the rundown, the students got their legs moving with a warm-up session. The students were buzzing with anticipation as they headed into their activation and warm-up session, led by the expert coaches from the Samba Soccer School. This session was designed to ensure the students got the best possible start, mirroring the routines of professional footballers.

Around 10am, it was time for a mid-morning snack. The nutritious spread included yoghurt, fresh fruit with honey dressing, dry oats, cereal, and refreshing orange juice. This wholesome snack kept energy levels high, preparing the students for the intense training sessions ahead.

The next segment was an open training session focused on agility, conditioning, and cardio, complemented by a brilliant ball mastery session, all expertly conducted by the Samba Soccer School coaches. The students thrived under the expert guidance, honing their skills and improving their fitness and our academy candidates picked up the pace with some thrilling sprint challenges. It was all about speed, determination, and that competitive spirit. Watching these young athletes push their limits was truly inspiring. They all did a fantastic job!

During lunch, our candidates tucked into a nutritious and delicious pasta party set out by our catering manager, Mr Campbell. This meal was designed to fuel our young athletes for optimal performance and recovery, and it was perfect for team bonding. On the menu: a variety of veggies, grilled proteins, and fresh greens, with your choice of sauces and toppings. After fuelling up, everyone was ready to crush the afternoon sessions!

In the afternoon, our potential academy players enjoyed an incredible ball mastery session led by the fantastic Samba Soccer coaches. On the MUGA, our young talents soaked up expert tips and tricks, refined their skills, and had a blast! It was all about precision, technique, and a whole lot of fun followed by another open training session, concentrating on drills, finishing, 1v1 and 2v2 challenges, and small-sided games. This comprehensive session allowed the students to apply everything they had learned throughout the day, pushing them to perform at their best as they blended technique, strategy, and pure passion.

Agility training. Photo: Moreton School

The day concluded with an inspiring talk from Alex Harrap, Director of PSG Academy UK. Alex welcomed the students to the PSG Academy and highlighted the pathways available after sixth form, such as university and careers in sports. His wealth of knowledge and experience undoubtedly inspired many students, helping them envision their future in sports and beyond. A massive thank you to Alex from the staff and all the students who joined us today, we really can’t wait to be a part of the PSG Academy family.

The day would not have been possible without the dedicated support of several key contributors. The academy extends its heartfelt thanks to the Samba Soccer School coaches for their expertise and guidance, which significantly enhanced the students’ experience. A special thank you also goes to Discount Supplements for providing energy drinks and bars, ensuring the students remained fuelled and ready to perform at their best.

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By Paul Martin - Contributor

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