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LETTER: Warning signs for drivers have done no good

The signs which appeared across the Black Country warning of a High Court injunction banning car cruising and street racing have not worked.

Car exhaust

Street signs were put up in Brierley Hill.

I have not seen any decrease in the number of drivers using the roads as a racetrack.

Indeed, was it ever conceivable that a street sign would put an end to this dangerous activity?

The cars involved have loud exhausts which are a noise nuisance.

The legal limit for car exhausts is 72 decibels which is approximately the same as a vacuum cleaner.

And there is the screeching of tyres around corners and traffic islands.

The councils need to be more intelligent in their approach to the problem.

Noise cameras, which are being trialled in parts of the country could be one solution. Noise cameras are triggered by noise and would capture cars with loud exhausts.

The evidence collected could be used to build a case against street racers and be a deterrent to car cruising.

Richard Oliver, Brierley Hill

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