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LETTER: Axing the wrong TV programmes

So, the BBC has decided to end the series Doctors, like Holby, the viewers who like and liked these programmes are given no choice.

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Someone in this publicly owned company thought it was too expensive to make further episodes, never mind that the viewing public watched this programme for over 23 years. If it been a rubbish programme it certainly would not have lasted that long.

Then we have Gary Lineker being paid a ridiculous amount of money to sit in a chair and talk football. BBC, how about sitting around the table and deciding to reduce the pay of some of these so-called stars? I and millions of others only pay our licence fee each and every year, and the quality and amount of programmes that are shoved down our throats are to be honest atrocious.

I can think and list a number of such programmes to be taken off air before Doctors or Holby and I mean the likes of Master Chef, The Professionals, Wedding Planner, Sewing Bee. There are countless other such tedious programmes, but no, just get rid of well tried and tested programmes that people want to watch.

Pete Lowe, Brierley Hill

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