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LETTER: Cyclists do pay towards roads

Your readers should note that cyclists pay Vehicle Excise Duty (there’s no such thing as road tax) as most are drivers too and they also pay council tax hence making a contribution to local road networks where the vast majority of cyclists ride.

Cyclists on the road

Most cyclists are also insured either as individuals or with their club or cycling group through organisations such as Cycling UK or British Cycling. Many cyclists have had additional training (eg Bikeability) to assist them when out on the road and most are suitably attired to be clearly visible to other road users.

Most cyclists don’t ride on footpaths unless they’re designated for joint use with pedestrians or if it’s unsafe to ride on the road - an all too common experience in the UK.

Of course there are both cyclists and drivers who don’t pay attention to the Highway Code requirements that our busy roads demand but if road users are respectful of one another things can only improve.

Keith Hall, Stourbridge

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