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LETTER: Let cyclists pay for safer paths

The government has announced the spending on cycle paths is being extended and increased. They are convinced these projects will prevent accidents involving cycles and save lives.

A cycle lane

Due to the fact that cyclists do not use these paths the idea is all at sea.

Cyclists prefer riding on footpaths which is proved everyday if only one had eyes to see. Although this is unlawful and dangerous to pedestrians.

As the government is blind and will still throw millions of pounds down the deep blue hole may I make a suggestion?

This is that the people whose lives these paths will save actually pay for them.

Cyclists pay no insurance, no road tax and do not take a driving test or need driving licences. I hear the government saying it’s too expensive to administrate road taxes and difficult to police.

If cyclists had a Road Fund Licence sticker to affix to their cycles then this would enable the police to enforce the tax.

Perhaps they should pay insurance which too could be displayed on their cycles. These protected roads users have had laws changed to the detriment of vehicle drivers, millions spent on cycle paths and at what cost to them - nought. If they need protection then let them pay for it. They seem to be able to pay thousands of pounds for their cycles and clothing so why not to pay for the cycle paths?

A Purslow, Wolverhampton

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