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LETTER: Vaccination is the right way forward for us

A reader discusses vaccines.


Regarding an article on November 5 concerning the anti-vaxxers and their behaviour towards Walsall councillors.

Some young people spend too much time believing everything that they see on the internet.

The Walsall Council leader summed it up very well when he stated there are two choices; you either vaccinate or you die.

I spent most of my career working in the community health services and have vaccinated probably thousands of children against childhood diseases.

There was a similar scare a few years ago over the Measles vaccine which became worldwide and many children died, including two in Lancashire, as a result of false information.

These protestors should be grateful that their parents had the sense to have them vaccinated or they may not have been here to protest and spread their false information regarding this vaccine.

P A Marshall, Codsall

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