I fail to see what Russia has done wrong

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MP Ian Austin’s column (November 22) goes to great lengths to condemn Alex Salmond, former Scottish First Minister, for broadcasting on RT – a Russian news broadcasting station – calling it propaganda and for decent people to give it a wide berth.

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond presents a show on Russia Today

Mr Alex Salmond is one of only a few MPs I would trust. It was interesting that Mr Austin was parading the BBC to heavenly heights whilst on the same page Mr Peter Rhodes made reference to the BBC and I quote ‘The lack of balance is enormous and unending and the fact that the BBC doesn’t even recognise its own bias speaks volumes'.

Unlike Mr Austin’s opinion, I fail to see what Russia has done wrong. Two areas of concern are:

1) The Crimea remained Russian until the USSR was formed and part of the administration went to Kiev, still part of Russia until 1991 when the Soviet Union was formally dissolved and the Ukraine became an independent state but still one of Russia’s closest allies. But interference from abroad caused civil unrest. The Crimea requested to go back to be ruled from Moscow and a referendum was held with over 80 percent in favour of return to Moscow and unlike the Ukraine, no one in Crimea was killed as far as we know.

2) Energy. The massive Russian energy companies will allow investment into these companies but will never allow the controlling interest to go outside Russia which does not go down well with the large investment groups of the west.

Our foreign policy is extremely aggressive. Look at the problems this has caused in the Middle East and elsewhere.

We are building two aircraft carriers at a cost of £12bn plus a new police force to counter terrorism, again costing millions, but, at the same time, have got thousands of people in this country using food banks. Shame on the MPs.

D J Johnston



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