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A waste of city’s money

Each time that I travel through Wolverhampton I am glad that I do not reside in that city.

Snow Hill car park

I would be tempted to visit the Civic Centre and create havoc. Do the powers that be have no sense?

They decided, quite rightly, to revamp the Wulfrun and Mander shopping centres.

Each of these venues used to have an adequate toilet centre. What did the brains do? Put the toilets into one central block, only one third of the size of the mass of the other two. Not one at each end now. I feel sorry for the real elderly people who have mobility problems and need the toilet.

And, what about the latest fiasco? For many years, the old Netto store at the bottom of Snow Hill stood empty. Then part of the brains clicked in with an idea. “We will create another car-park”. So the area was cleared, and a smashing car-park with painted markings was laid out. Great, tarmac, the works, with (if I remember right) some bays numbered. Now, just a relative few months later, they (what brains are left) have started to bulldoze the car-park and dig great holes to facilitate a replacement site for the market!

I have noticed the mess that they are making with the Metro, but that is another matter.

How much money have they wasted so far?

Peter Cole