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Do speed restriction measures make a difference?

I write again in horror, but not surprise, at the arrogance and ignorance of Sandwell MBC and their so-called transport department.

20mph limit

Friar Park is the latest area to receive speed restrictions of 20mph, a limit which was previously set for cars by the 1903 Motor Car Act and which stood until January 1931. Sandwell MBC really respects progress.

Friar Park is an area with lots of traffic calming, previously advocated by the council, and which has failed. Are the council any more right now?

Well, large increases in deaths and seriously injured in Sandwell in 2014 – when 20mph restrictions were put into the town centre – and an annual national fatality figure which seems to be stuck around 1,700 suggests all is not well regarding go slow town centre safety plans.

I wonder whether issues of dangerous parking, traffic flow or poor road surfacing were considered in the Friar Park consultation? I hope that accidents reduce, but have doubts. The “experts” that councillors listen to seem to have just one answer, involving a tin disc.

A further question though, is this: Why are you and I paying record fuel duty for a century old speed limit?

Cars increasingly offer safety at reasonable speeds in their designs, but it seems those who run our roads celebrate taking us back to yesteryear.

Do we not pay enough fuel duty for the roads to be kept safe at 30mph? You know the story: British Leyland management did not die, it just got a job on the local roads department.

Whilst I am on the subject, I am becoming surprised at the number of mature people unhappy at both humps and 20mph restrictions.

Ferrari fuel duty, Morris Marina roads.

Lee Williams

Great Barr