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Adulation is so puzzling

The adulation of Jeremy Corbyn by many of the young is puzzling.

Jeremy Corbyn

He is not particularly intelligent and he lacks charisma. His politics are a recital of dreary discredited Marxist clichés that are very unoriginal. He represents policies that have failed miserably wherever they have been tried. They have also inflicted misery and appalling hardship on millions.

Corbyn has aligned himself to a like-minded group of hard-left rebels, not one of whom has achieved anything noteworthy. They project themselves as a community of virtue in a world in which the forces that support the poor are in a constant fight with the evil forces of the usual targets: global banks, imperialists, Zionists, the media and Tories.

These are all portrayed as rapacious demons, to use Lenin’s phrase.

Compromise with such forces is, of course, unthinkable. Corbyn and his cohorts are projected as messianic figures of salvation. Unlimited free welfare is offered to all.

It is staggering that such a false vision of society has captured the Labour Party, a Party that for the first time ever is deeply unpatriotic and one that cares little for our institutions and traditions. It even makes friends with our enemies.

A major and deeply worrying aspect of Corbyn’s message to the young is his belief that the individual is never at fault. He rejects the notion embedded in Christian morality that evil is to be found in us. In brief he rejects humility. He argues we are innocent; it is the wicked bankers, capitalists, Tories and Zionists who are the sinners.It is a repellent recipe for social division. It is extremely dangerous.

Alan Davis