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Think again to protect future

I totally agree with the comments made by M Gough concerning the left wing bias of the BBC (June 21) during, before and after the recent election.

The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg has come under fire

I think myself very lucky that I no longer have to pay to listen and watch the cleverly slanted opinions of their newscasters and reporters, and in many cases their bias drafted into documentaries and even dramas.

The power of this broadcaster with its many satellite stations is quite enormous, and the influence it spreads is at best bordering on dictatorship views.

Much criticism is made by the Labour Party about the amount of money the Tories spend on campaigning before elections, but in Labour’s case the BBC does it for them.

As for the news readers and reporters, I find their manner and attitude when interviewing Tory MPs quite obnoxious, their questions extremely childish, and most of the time utterly disrespectful.

I am tired of hearing Labour MPs and supporters always claiming that the government does not spend enough on just about every issue across the board, but what they never say is if you want more of this and more of that, then you will have to pay more into the system.

We all know that overseas handouts should stop, the House of Lords should be reduced, there are many areas where savings could be made, but for my money the BBC, once the finest broadcaster in the world, should go tomorrow.

While it is claimed that the younger element of the electorate voted for the Labour Party, I would like to remind them that since 1945 the Labour Party and the left wing trade unions have brought this country to its knees on more than one occasion.

But the most important thing to remember is that you only take out what you put in, and if you rely on the Labour Party to protect your jobs and future, then you better think again.

D. Bodley, Wolverhampton