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Hope and anger: City residents have their say on plans to demolish and replace 93 prefab homes

Plans to replace post-war prefab housing in Wolverhampton with nearly 100 new energy-efficient homes have been met with mixed views by residents on the estate.

There would be around 100 new energy-efficient houses built on the site of the existing houses

Wolverhampton Council has lodged plans to replace 93 prefabs on the Lincoln Green Estate in Bushbury as part of a citywide strategy to "identify solutions" for 4,100 "outdated" homes built with old, non-traditional construction methods.

The first wave of demolition is set to start this month with 26 ageing bungalows to be pulled down over the next four months across the Lincoln Green Estate on Alleston Road, Grosvenor Road, Lincoln Green and School Lane, and in the Wood End and Portobello areas.

The majority of the bungalows to be demolished are vacant, while six tenants have been temporarily relocated, with construction on the new bungalows set to start later this year.

All of the old bungalows have been declared defective under the 1985 Housing Act and the council says they suffer from a number of issues including failing structural elements, leaking and poorly insulated roofs, very poor thermal efficiency, and wet rot in the floor.

At the Lincoln Green Estate, which sits adjacent to the West Coast Mainline rail line and the road between Bushbury and Oxley, there was a sign in the community cabinet showing the demolition plans, which informed residents of what was to come.

The estate is a mixture of the existing prefab housing and newer bungalows running along curved streets.

The exisiting homes have been on the site since after the second world war