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West Midlands paramedics share their day in Channel 4 show

You just never know what the day will bring! It’s a comment that you would hear from any ambulance crew, but now the public will get to see just what our staff face with the new series of “999: On the Frontline” set to hit our TV screens.

Stafford crew

The programme, which returns for it’s tenth series, follows crews from West Midlands Ambulance Service as they race to save lives and help people in their hour of need.

Willenhall crew

And it’s a new home for the series, with the programme moving to Channel 4 from it’s previous home on More 4, with the first episode being shown at 8.00pm on the Tuesday 30th January.

The programme, which will air over the next five weeks will follow some new and some familiar faces as cameras follow the work of eight crews from Stoke, Stafford and Willenhall Hubs as they respond to incidents across their 12-hour shifts.

Director of Performance and Improvement, Nathan Hudson said: “The programme gives the public a chance to see what life is like on the frontline. What you will see if you watch is the huge range of cases that our staff respond to. It’s not all about big crashes and trauma; they also have to look at complex medical cases, mental health and social care issues. When our crews start their shift, they literally have no idea what the day will bring – it’s one of the reasons they like the job so much; the variety of work.

“It’s a great way of showing the public just what a brilliant job our staff do every day.

“Our ambulance crews work incredibly hard saving lives and showing compassion as they provide patients with the best care possible right across the West Midlands.”