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'We're terrified of Walsall's new anti-terror bollards - ambulances and police can't get in'

Traders of a market town have said that new 'anti-terror' bollards have left them feeling more vulnerable than ever.

Traders in Walsall worried over the new barriers which has been installed

Business owners in Walsall have spoken out about the barriers that were installed to stop the amount of dangerous vehicles entering the high street.

The bollards, which are made of reinforced steel, were placed at entry points to the road in February, limiting the types of vehicles that can access the town centre at any time of day.

Now, two months after being installed, shopkeepers in the town centre have said that they feel more vulnerable now that the bollards are in place than ever before.

One trader, who owns a hair and beauty salon on the high street, said: "I've talked to a lot of traders in the town and they all say that it's made them feel more vulnerable than ever really.

"There are a lot of issues with the emergency vehicles' access to the high street. You often see ambulances of police cars left near the gates while the paramedics or police attend incidents in the town centre."

Traders have said they are concerned about the gates