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Meet the Walsall street vendor who has a devoted following for his Mexican food offerings

When people think of street food, they will usually think of jacket potatoes, hot dogs or burgers.

Neil Snook said the food had developed a following of regulars and tourists

One food type people don't think of is Mexican, but that is something which has been part of Walsall town centre for nearly six years, developing a devoted following during that time.

Buenas Burritos has been a feature of Park Street since 2018, with its green and brown-coloured van clearly visiblet, as well as the aroma of chicken and beef enticing anyone walking past.

It's owned and run by Neil Snook, who says he came up with the idea of running a Mexican takeaway stall from memories of a girlfriend who liked the food.

He explains: "My current passion for this type of food started with an ex-girlfriend who had a craving for Mexican food and introduced me to a restaurant in Birmingham, so my passion kind of grew from there.

"A few years ago, I took redundancy from a previous job and starting thinking about something I could do off my own two feet, so looked at the idea of running a food business.

"I then kind of rolled my memory back to the days of the Mexican food and I started thinking about whether that was something I could bring to the high street."

It's a van which stands out in the middle of Park Street