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Mum of baby who became seriously ill with measles pleas with other parents to get the jab

A family of a three-month-old baby boy who was struck down with measles are calling on more parents to get their children vaccinated.

The family were at nan's when he took ill in Sutton Coldfield and was treated at Good Hope for measles and Covid.

Ezra Barrett, of Walsall, was diagnosed with the condition which is spreading in the region after falling ill on January 9 and spent six days in recovering in Sutton Coldfield's Hope Hospital.

His mother Davina, 28, of Pelsall,Walsall, explained: "It all started when Ezra had a cough and cold for a few days. Then we noticed he started making moaning sounds, but as his older brother had a cold we didn't think too much of it as it's normal for kids to have colds.

"But the next day a rash appeared on his body and we thought that wasn't right, he'd also gone of his food, so we took him to the hospital's accident and emergency and they said his temperature was raised.

"They were concerned he'd got an infection and gave him some treatment for that, then there was concern that he may have measles, but said it would take three days to diagnose. When it was confirmed he was was also diagnosed with Covid and a suspected chest infection.

Ezra Barrett in hospital

"A chest x-ray showed he had also a touch of pneumonia. As there is no treatment for measles, he was given fluids including paracetamol to help him recover and given antibiotics for the infection.

"By his third day in hospital he was really struggling, he was really really fast and he got quite tired and upset. They gave him some oxygen to help ease the pressure on his lungs which helped and after that he started to improve. They warned us they depending on his condition he nay have to be transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital, but that wasn't necessary in the end.

"He was a lot more alert by the fifth day in hospital and by the following day he was eating and we could take him home.We were very relieved that he made a good recovery."

Feeding time with mum Davina Barrett.

Mrs Barrett, a mental health therapist, said: "I would encourage parents to take up the vaccine. We've got no idea how Ezra got infected. It could have happened anywhere. Our older son is 15-months-old and got his first measles mumbs and rubella (MMR) jab at 12 months. He didn't catch measles.

"Because it had been the holidays we'd visited some soft play adventure places and some farms.

"We're really relieved that he's better now. We were worried sick as he was very poorly."

She added that they had been visiting relatives in Sutton when Ezra took ill and so they rushed him to Good Hope Hospital.

Measles is a highly infectious disease which can lead to serious complications such as severe lung infections and inflammation of the brain.

Due to an increase in cases the Black Country Integrated Care Board will be running more pop-up MMR clinics for children, aged five and over, and any adults who have not had two doses of the jab on Saturday.

Ezra Barrett who was taken to hospital after suffering measles and Covid is pictured with his mother Davina


• Wood Lane Community Centre, Wood Lane, West Bromwich, B709PT, Saturday 27

January, 9am-1.30pm. To book an appointment call 0121 592 1110.

• South & Central Locality Hub, Birchills Street, Walsall, WS2 8NF, Saturday 27

January, 9am-1. 30pm.To book an appointment call 01922 902035.

• Park Village Education Centre, Cannock Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 0RA. Saturday

27 January, 10am-4pm. Walk in, no appointment needed.

• Vaccination van located at Bilston Market, Pinfold Street, Wolverhampton, WV14

0DN. Saturday 27 January, 9am-3pm. Walk in, no appointment needed.

• Vaccination van located outside Poundland in Walsall Town Centre, Lower Hall

Lane, St Matthews Quarter, WS1 1PU, Saturday 3 February, 9am-3pm. Walk in, no

appointment needed.