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Plea for support to help find beloved dog which went missing in Rushall area

A heartbroken dog owner has made a desperate plea for information on her faithful friend who has been missing in the Rushall area for well over two months.

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Daisy who went missing in the Rushall area in August

Two year old Daisy, a fox red colour Pomeranian cross with white patches on her toes, went missing on Tuesday, August 15, around 4pm, when on a walk at Lime Pits Nature Reserve and has not been seen since.

Daisy who went missing in the Rushall area in August

Jessica Muha is desperate for information and is hoping to enlist a search and rescue team to look for Daisy – she already had such a mission planned but Walsall Council deemed it unsafe to go in the water.

Phone calls to vets, rescue centres and dog wardens have proved fruitless and Jessica and her husband Denis have also set up a Facebook group for her beloved dog.

She said: "She was wearing a beige harness when she went missing after being chased by a large lurcher type dog into the bushes where she just disappeared.

"We stayed in the area for over a month and searched day and night with no luck at all, we set up food trails and cameras at home and where she went missing in the hope that she may find her way back, we had drones and thermal drones up to search.

"We did two huge thorough searches to ensure that she wasn't stuck in any holes or anything but didn't find anything and have put up hundreds of posters and huge banners in Walsall and across the Black Country.

An appeal has been made with pictures of Daisy put all across the Walsall and Black Country area

"The only sighting we have of Daisy is from a man who said he saw her the day she went missing run through the car park of the nature reserve and back into the woods but I was searching around there for hours so don't understand how I didn't see her unless she was picked up

"There is no CCTV at all in the area unfortunately; there are two pubs down the road one of which has fake cameras and the other was closed down at the time.

"The first search and rescue team couldn't go in because it was unsafe but I am asking if anyone out there is part of a unit or could potentially dive as an individual to look for her – we are desperate and there will be a substantial reward for Daisy's return.

Jessica and Denis are being helped charities Beauty's Legacy and the Lost Dog Capture team who provide them with counselling and support.

Daisy who has been missing in the Rushall area for over two months

Anyone with information or who can help with the search and rescue can call Jessica on 07383 228288 or visit the Facebook page at Daisy, Missing Rushall, Walsall, WS4 #finddaisy.