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Full Walsall Council election results with just one technical gain

The Local Election in Walsall is done and dusted for another year with all the results now in.

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The 2023 Local Election in Walsall saw no change to the status quo

A total of 20 seats were being contested at the Conservative-controlled authority.

Going into the election, the Conservatives had 38 councillors. Meanwhile, Labour had 20 with one independent on the council and one seat having no councillor.

The results saw no change to the status quo with all seats effectively being 'holds' for the Conservative and Labour Parties.

Labour had a technical gain with Darlaston South which had become an 'independent' when Doug James left the party.

The make up of the council is now 38 Conservatives, 21 Labour and one independent. Turnout varied across all wards with the highest being 48.2 per cent in Paddock.

The full results are:

Aldridge Central and South

Pard Kaur - Conservative Party, 1889 votes (elected)

Muhammad Abdul Hafeez Khan - Labour Party, 731 votes

Guan Khai Chan - Green Party, 258 votes

Irene Michelle Sim Sim Yoong-Henery - Reform UK, 181 votes

Aldridge North and Walsall Wood

Amanda Kate Parkes – Conservative Party, 1324 votes (elected)

Michael Anthony Bruce – Labour Party, 777 votes

Lesley Ann Lynch – Reform Party, 240 votes

Shaun Alardice McKenzie – Green Party, 128 votes

Bentley and Darlaston North

Saiqa Nasreen – Labour Party, 1138 votes (elected)

Stuart Raymond Chapman - Independent, 415 votes

Amarjeet Singh Flora – Conservative Party, 350 votes

Abdul Kalam - Independent, 39 votes


Gaz Ali – Conservative Party, 1139 votes (elected)

Elliot Pfebve – Labour Party, 992 votes

Elaine Ruth Williams – Reform UK, 308 votes


Emma Jane Morgan – Labour Party, 747 votes (elected)

Dave Taylor – Independent, 596 votes

Mushy Khan – Conservative Party, 555 votes

Chris Phipps – Reform UK, 72 votes

Andrea Monica Maynard – Green Party, 53 votes

Bloxwich East

Corin Ann Statham – Conservative Party, 957 votes (elected)

Bob Thomas – Labour Party, 732 votes

Peggy Coop – Reform UK, 98 votes

Susan Webster – Green Party 87 votes

Bloxwich West

Matt Follows – Conservative Party, 1175 votes (elected)

Michael John Coulson – Labour Party, 950 votes

Stacey Nicole Timmins – Reform UK, 172 votes

Mia Kalogjera – Green Party, 72 votes

Stuart Ronald Hodges – Liberal Democrat, 66 votes


Ken Ferguson – Conservative Party, 1117 votes (elected)

David Huw Morgan – Labour and Co-Operative Party, 848 votes

Thomas Stephen Powell – Green Party, 133 votes

Darlaston South

Matthew Joseph Ward – Labour Party, 1353 votes (elected)

Harpal Singh Samra – Conservative Party, 449 votes


Waheed Rasab – Conservative Party, 1854 votes (elected)

Rishi Sharma, Labour Party, 1279 votes

Daniel James Barker – Liberal Democrat, 378 votes

David Trevor William Alexander - Independent, 209 votes


Hajran Bashir – Labour Party, 1741 votes (elected)

Shamim Ahmed – Conservative Party, 1379 votes

Sadat Hussain – Green Party, 178 votes

Dexter Williams – Reform UK, 129 votes


Rose Ann Martin – Conservative Party, 1395 votes (elected)

Mugabe Reid – Labour Party, 511 votes

Graham Eardley – Reform UK, 216 votes

Isaac Ben Crosby – Liberal Democrat, 213 votes

Pheasey Park Farm

Mike Bird – Conservative Party, 1220 votes (elected)

Steve Wade – Labour Party, 750 votes

Matthew George Barker – Liberal Democrat, 170 votes


Khizar Hussain – Labour Party, 1789 votes (elected)

Manju Chamdal Gill – Conservative Party, 523 votes


Lorna Jean Rattigan – Conservative Party, 1173 votes (elected)

Lee David Jeavons – Labour Party, 1038 votes

Short Heath

Poonam Chamdal Gill – Conservative Party, 851 votes (elected)

Simon Frank Rollason – Labour and Co-operative Party, 779 votes

Benjamin Aaron Hodges – Liberal Democrat Focus Team, 361 votes

St Matthews

Farhana Mazhar – Labour Party, 1654 votes (elected)

Mozamil Khan – Conservative Party, 950 votes

Ateeq Akhtar – Green Party, 400 votes

Mohammed Yaqub – Liberal Democrat, 212 votes


Sarah-Jane Cooper – Conservative Party, 1824 votes (elected)

Robert Sebastian Lipke – Labour Party, 753 votes

Roger Watts – Liberal Democrat, 289 votes

Parpui Shaw – Reform UK, 102 votes

Willenhall North

Adam John Hicken – Conservative Party, 976 votes (elected)

Nahid Ahmed – Labour Party, 761 votes

Leandra Lola Gebrakedan – Liberal Democrat Focus Team, 376 votes

Willenhall South

Natalie Louise Latham – Labour Party, 1345 votes (elected)

Mak Uppal – Conservative Party, 584 votes

Angela Mary Hodges – Liberal Democrat Focus Team, 210 votes