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Meet the mother and daughter working this Mother's Day to provide care for people

A mother and daughter from Walsall who set up their own care company will be working this Mother’s Day, ensuring everyone gets the care they need.

Pam Bains and daughter Manny Joshi, who run Caring Care in Walsall.

Pam Bains and her daughter Manny Joshi, from Walsall, set up Caring Care in 2008 and now have more than 500 employees and care for 800 people across the West Midlands.

Director Pam Pains, who is 68 years old, started working as a carer in 1983 and has always been passionate about care, previously providing support in her local gurdwara.

She also won the Business Woman of the Year Award at the Black Country Asian Business Awards in 2014, which she dedicated to her hard-working employees at Caring Care.

Pam said: “I like caring for people. I like to make a change and a difference to people’s lives.

“The reason we set up Caring Care together is because teamwork works.

“When you can trust your own family members, you can support each other.”

Her daughter Manny, who was born and bred in Walsall, considers it to be an “honour” to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

The 43-year-old said: “It’s such an honour for me to continue my mom’s legacy and build on her foundation as a carer.

“It’s amazing for me to work with my mother.

“Even though she’s starting to take a step back, she’s still the director.

“I run everything based on my mother’s values of putting people first and showing them respect. There’s nothing I get more honour from.

Manny added: “I’m proud to have a huge diverse work force which supports all ethnicities. My door is always open to my carers and to my team and I’m there to offer any support which is needed”.

With 500 staff, 800 clients, and new people to care for every week, Caring Care is a 24-hour business, meaning work doesn’t slow down for Mother’s Day.

“Carers work on Mother’s Day, just as they do every day, including Christmas,” Manny said. “Even on holidays, we’re still working.”

Caring Care is a domiciliary care organisation which supports people with care in their own homes.

The business is available 24-hours a day to hospitals and helps clear beds by getting discharged vulnerable people back home, where they can provide further support. This can account for 40 to 50 new clients for the team every week and helps people to get back to day to day living at home.

“It could be that someone’s in hospital with a UTI or a head injury and we’ll be asked if we can help them home and look after them,” Manny said.

As well as live-in care, they also specialise in dementia care, palliative and end of life care, autistic support, and learning disabilities support.

Tasks that the company’s carers can help with include things like washing, dressing, shaving, oral care, continence care, and grooming.

Carers can also escort people to attend appointments or do their shopping, as well as attending social activities