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Diseased tree in Stone park cut down

A prominent tree has been cut down in a Stone park after it was found to have been suffering from a disease.

The felled tree

The ash was taken down in Westbridge Park earlier this week following concerns it was at risk of falling.

Stafford Borough Council told residents of the removal work on its website before it was due to take place.

The authority stated: “The tree has Inonotus Hispidus – a disease better known as ‘shaggy bracket fungus’ which attacks the interior of the wood causing the tree to become brittle and leads to fractures in the trunk.

“The disease weakens the tree and experts say it is now in poor condition and needs to be removed safely to prevent the risk of it potentially falling.

“Nearly 950 trees on the site have been surveyed by Stafford Borough Council recently.

“Wood that can be saved from felled trees has been used to support the river bank, opposite the park’s Stafford and Stone Canoe Club, to reduce the effects of erosion.”

Around a dozen trees have been felled in Westbridge Park as part of the survey.

Borough councillor Jill Hood gave an update at Tuesday’s Stone Town Council meeting.

She said: “It came as quite a shock to see how much clearing they had done.

“Please rest assured all of the trees have been taken out because of disease. They were becoming quite a danger to the public.

“The borough is going to replace the trees which is a good thing.”

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