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Rumours plans to house asylum seekers at uni building fell through due to failed payment over asbestos are untrue

The country's leading multinational public service provider has dismissed rumours about a failure to secure plans for housing asylum seekers.

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Serco has dismissed rumours about asbestos payments at Beaconside in Stafford as not true. Photo: Google Street Map

Serco, which provides multinational defence, health, space, justice, migration, customer services, and transport for the UK, said that the rumours of plans to house more than 480 asylum seekers in a former Stafford university block falling through due to a failed payment around asbestos were not true.

The Express & Star was made aware of the rumours via an anonymous source. They suggested the plans to move 481 asylum seekers into Beaconside in Stafford had fallen through due to Serco failing to make a first payment due to asbestos being found in the building, but this has been denied both by the council and Serco.