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Grandmother returns home from hospital and 'death's door' to find her bedroom walls crumbling

A poorly grandmother is appealing to her landlord to complete urgent repairs to crumbling walls at her home after a three-week delay.

Valerie Green with the crumbling walls before the repairs started

Valerie Green, aged 65, was last month taken into hospital suffering from a sepsis infection and kidney failure, leaving her family fearful that she might not survive.

But the grandmother of 28, who rallied and was discharged from hospital three weeks ago following treatment, is now forced to sleep in the living room of her Stafford home due to chunks of masonry falling off her bedroom wall.

Social homes landlord Housing Plus Group apologised for the delay in starting the work and confirmed that repairs were underway.

But the retired nursing home cook claimed that efforts to repair the wall had been unsatisfactory so far.

Valerie Green from Stafford moved out of her bedroom due to crumbling walls