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Katie Hopkins theatre show cancelled for 'safety' reasons

Stafford's Gatehouse Theatre has cancelled an upcoming show from Katie Hopkins after concerns for health and safety.

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Katie Hopkins was due to perform a show at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre in May.

The controversial personality was due to perform her show Katie Hopkins – One Night Only on May 31 at the Stafford theatre, which is operated by Freedom Leisure on behalf of Stafford Borough Council.

Announced on December 6 on the theatre's Facebook page, the show was described as "One of Britain's boldest speakers hits Stafford for a hilarious one-night takedown of 'the insanity of our lefty world'. Strap in, folks!"

However, after a petition with nearly 800 signatures for the Gatehouse to cancel the show, Hopkin's appearance has been pulled due to health and safety concerns.

A spokesman for the theatre said: "The safety of our audience, our staff and our performers is of paramount importance to The Gatehouse Theatre and, for that reason, it has been decided that the show cannot go ahead on health and safety grounds."

It comes after a petition created by Marnie Phillips called "Stop Katie Hopkins From Coming To Stafford’s Gatehouse Theatre".

Marnie said: "The people of Stafford have always come together through challenging times and have always supported those that Katie Hopkins mocks.

"We have made gigantic leaps in trying to eradicate bigotry and racism and she is voicing opinions that are dangerous, hateful and damaging to the advancement of acceptance.

"Katie Hopkins has never been a woman known for inciting peace but only hatred. She brings nothing to this town of any value and instead, by booking her, Freedom Leisure are telling our children that we give value (£) to her opinions.

"We are disgusted that you thought that the people of Stafford would welcome this person. A person who is infamous for spewing bile and causing division. A person who is know for being bigoted and inciting racism.

"A person who in 2021 was voted the most hated woman in Britain after boasting about breaking lockdown rules. A person who was banned from Twitter for breaking their rules on hateful content."

Marnie went on to say: "So, what has this far right extremist said? Some examples are: Someone killed themselves in front of my train today! AGAIN! how many times do I have to tell you? Stop being selfish. I’m a busy woman."

"On depression she wrote: “UK has seen a 500 per cent growth in anti-depressants since 1991. Like being bullied, being depressed is a fashionable thing to be… The ultimate passport to self-obsession."