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Blue-badge holder fined for parking in Cannock loading bay with 'illegible' markings

A Blue Badge holder has received a fine after parking in a loading bay which he says was 'illegible' due to faded markings and lack of signage.

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Wayne Woolridge was given a parking ticket for parking in a loading bay on Wolverhampton Road, Cannock, which was 'not clearly marked'

Wayne Woolridge, who lives in Burntwood, said he pulled up on Wolverhampton Road in Cannock on January 19 and parked in the last empty space in a row of domestic cars. The Blue Badge holder said he thought it was a disability bay, and a ticket officer who was nearby is said to have 'watched him' put his badge on his dashboard.

The 58-year-old, who suffers with osteoporosis of the spine and four permanently fractured vertebrae, said there was no clear signage.

There is no sign on the post at one end of the row of spaces.

"I pulled up in what I thought was disability bay," Mr Woolridge said.

"The traffic warden was there and saw me park, but didn't say anything. They also watched me put my blue badge up, and again, didn't say anything.

"There was no reason to think it was a loading bay because there were no commercial vehicles around.

"You'd expect to see a sign saying 'loading area' next to the spot, but there wasn't one.