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Comedian Jim Davidson 'delighted' about Dudley return - but has dig at Wolverhampton Grand

Comedian Jim Davidson is delighted to be returning to the stage in Dudley – but said he’s “gutted” he won’t be entertaining his beloved fans in Wolverhampton too during his new tour.

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Jim Davidson visited Dudley Town Hall last year

The comedian will perform on Friday, October 28, at Dudley Town Hall, which, he declares, is one of his favourite venues in the country.

He says he can’t wait to be back in the Black Country, before taking a cheeky swipe at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre, at which he claims he is no longer welcome after a parking incident more than two years ago.

“The people of the Black Country are the salt of the earth,” he says. “Some of my best wives have come out of the Midlands.

"I love playing at Dudley Town Hall. We always have a great night. And it has a parking space for you, unlike The Grand!”

Despite Jim remaining a controversial name, finding himself banned from some venues he has performed at due to “concerns” about the content of his comedy, the star has always been welcomed with open arms to Dudley Town Hall.

“I do think it’s unfair,” says Jim. “They decide who they want and then the people of the town don’t get a say in it. It’s outrageous really.

“I know for a fact that people would pay to see me at these venues, but someone says, ‘No, we’re not having Jim Davidson here’. It’s probably someone woke working in an office or on the council who’s never seen me in their life making that call.

“It happened recently that I’d booked for a theatre and then some councillor kicked up a fuss and tried to get the show called off. Thankfully we had a contract and so they backed down.

“Sometimes they give really feeble excuses for cancelling shows or banning me, and you look at it and you wonder if they really expect grown ups to believe their reasons.

“I understand I’m not to everyone’s taste but if that’s the case then don’t buy tickets and do something else.

“People tend to travel and find me though. Even if I’m banned from their local theatre, they’ll find a way to get to one of the shows because people need to laugh.”

Jim claims he has not been welcome at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre – a venue he has been performing at for four decades and one he helped to raise £20,000 to save from going bankrupt around 30 years ago – following a disagreement about parking after his last show there.

Jim Davidson

“I was told to park in a small lay-by car park near the theatre which only has room for one car. They said I’d be fine there, but when I got back there was a chain on the car park blocking me in.

“We tried to get hold of everyone but in the end we got a hacksaw and cut the chain to get out. We left our names and contact numbers and said we’d pay for any damage. Apparently though I’m not welcome back because of it.

“Isn’t it funny that the people of Wolverhampton love me, and I can tell you I love the people of Wolverhampton. Love is not a big enough word actually.”

Jim’s Black Country fans will be able to see him on stage at Dudley Town Hall with his Not Yet Cancelled Tour, which he promises will be as outrageous as ever. The star will be performing both halves of the show without a support act.

He says: “Let’s all go out and have a great time. I just tell jokes to make people laugh. I would never set out to cause offence. Audiences can expect to listen to someone who thinks like 90 per cent of the population, but then actually says it out loud. I’m getting old now though so I’m sure I’ll forget some of the stuff I wanted to say!”

Tickets for Jim Davidson’s Not Yet Cancelled show at Dudley Town Hall, on October 28, cost £25 (plus an online booking fee). To book, visit