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Star Wars auction is just out of this world - with video

A huge collection of Star Wars memorabilia, that included more than 600 different lots, has sold for just shy of £100,000 - but the star of the sale went unsold.

Valuer and Auctioner Kayleigh Davies pictured with just some of the Star Wars memorabelia at Aston's Auctioneers & Valuers

The impressive body of work, that was collected by an anonymous vendor, went on auction at Aston's Auctioneers on Tower Street, Dudley, but the Boba Fett figure that was expected to fetch £2,000 had no bids made for it.

WATCH our video here:

Taking its place as the most exciting piece on the auction was a Princess Leia figure, made by toy company Palitoy, that doubled its expected sale price, raking in £1,200.

A lot that contained 30 boxes of individual Lego pieces sold for its expected price at £800 while another Palitoy figure, a 'Jedi Yak Face' toy from 1985, sold for £850.

Yak Face from 1985. One of the Star Wars memorabilia that is expected to fetch around £1400

A Star Wars Droids Lightsaber made by toy company Kenner was still in its original box and fetched £500 despite being valued between £140 - £180.

Aston's auctioneer and toy specialist Kayleigh Davies said: "It was a really good, successful day, the vendor was in the room and he was very happy and all the bidders in the room where grinning and getting very involved.

Droids Boba Fett. One of the Star Wars memorabelia that is expected to fetch around £1400

"Despite not reaching the £100k mark we're still absolutely delighted with the auction, it was brilliant.

"The room was full with about 30 people there and we had 200 people online bidding at the start, reaching 250 people by the end.

"Although most of the lots were only being sold online, the atmosphere in the room was brilliant and the bidders we had in person were determined to get what they wanted and ecstatic when they did.

A star Wars LEGO set, expected to fetch £300

"With something like Star Wars people pay whatever they need to if they really want a specific piece.

"We had a new bidder in the front row who was from Norwich and he was so excited about everything.

A LEGO Death Star II set, expected to fetch £400

"He was shaking his fists in the air and grinning from ear to ear and eventually lost track of what it was he was buying.

"He was aiming for some of the finer bits and pieces and bought some nice Ewok and Droid figures among others, we saw him first pumping at the end.

A princess Leia figure expected to fetch £400

"He spent around £5,000 in the end but that was about average for individual bidders, a lot of people spent much more."