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Mat Sadler frustrated after Walsall vs Morecambe postponed

Mat Sadler felt the surface looked "playable" after Walsall's fixture against Morecambe at Bescot was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

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The officials deemed the surface unplayable and postponed the game 80 minutes before kick-off following a pitch inspection.

The condition of the goalmouth by the away stand is believed to have been a major factor in the final decision.

The Walsall boss added that he was "surprised" by the postponement and that both managers were happy with the game going ahead.

"I don't think anyone expected the game to be postponed today," he said.

"The one at Alfreton when that happened, we all thought it was going to be postponed. It was just the length and delay that made it frustrating on that day.

"This one was surprising that it was called off because it didn't look bad with both teams wanting to play the game.

The postponement comes after the original fixture, which was scheduled for the first weekend of January, was postponed due to both teams competing in the FA Cup third round.

"Both teams were fully aware it was wet but for me the pitch looked playable. Both managers were out here and wanted to play. They (Morecambe) didn't want the extra game, we certainly didn't want the game to be pushed to a certain time.

"It felt like what I was watching in terms of the ball. It didn't look like it was sticking in too many places. I don't know. It was a strange one. The referee's integrity is of course never in question but it felt like both managers really wanted to play the game.

"We were in there with the referee but we weren't given the opportunity to discuss it. It was very much made for us. Again, I'm not questioning the referee's integrity. I am sure he had his reasons behind it.

"I am sure at the front of everyone's mind is player safety but for me and in their manager's eyes it didn't seem like it needed to be, but it t has been, so it is what it is."