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Walsall chief promises January funds but warns: 'Results must improve'

Walsall co-chairman Ben Boycott has admitted results must improve while pledging financial support for the January transfer window.


In a video address to supporters, Boycott stressed the need for unity during what he described as a “difficult moment” but stopped short of giving his public backing to head coach Mat Sadler.

The Saddlers sit 19th in League Two, are winless in five matches and have failed to score in the last three.

Boycott, managing director of the club’s majority owner Trivela Group, said: “This is a difficult moment. I know there is a lot of frustration among supporters and to be quite frank, I share that frustration myself.

“The truth is the results have to be better. We know that. We are here at the training ground. Everyone here knows that.

“We are working very hard to make sure these results have to turn around.”

Sadler became the first managerial appointment since Trivela’s 2022 takeover when he was given his first permanent job as a head coach in the summer.

Boycott continued: “Looking back at the past few decades, I think the club has been at its best during periods of stability. That is stability of starting XI, stability of manager and stability of culture.

“Those are the things we want to fight for, even when times are hard. We want to fight for stabilty, to fight for a positive culture and get through a difficult moment together.

“That said, the immediate results are of utmost importance. The team are working hard at the training ground to find that spark. Additionally, we at Trivela are preparing to step up and invest capital into the club to strengthen in January.

“We are looking at how we build this club for the long term. But also taking the right steps to ensure the immediate results improve because they need to. This is a difficult moment and I believe we will all get through it together.”

Boycott, who is based in the USA, also reaffirmed his commitment to the club and dismissed suggestion Trivela’s recent takeover of Drogheda United might have prompted ownership to take their eye off the ball at the Saddlers.

He said: “I am heavily engaged in Walsall Football Club. This is my primary focus. Obviously I am based in the United States but from multiple trips over here and many per day video and voice calls I am heavily engaged. Multiple people from our team watch every minute of every game.

“If this club does not succeed from a football standpoint, or if this club was to lose its EFL status, that would be extremely damaging for me personally and reputationally.

“The truth is we are all aligned, we all want the same thing and we are working to put the ship right.”

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