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Michael Flynn: Senior pros keeping spirits high at Walsall

Michael Flynn has hailed the work of Walsall’s senior professionals in keeping spirits high throughout their difficult run of results

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The Saddlers headed into today’s home clash with Tranmere Rovers on a 10-match winless streak in all competitions.

The atmosphere among the squad has remained upbeat during that spell, though, and Flynn says he has skipper Donervon Daniels and some of the veterans in the group to thank for that.

“Donervon has been brilliant. Andy Williams has been good and Peter Clarke has been good,” said Flynn.

“These players have been there, seen it and done it.

“They’ve all been involved in bad runs over the years as well as good runs. So, they’ll help the young boys in the dressing room.

“We’ve just got to keep believing and keep going.

“It’s only the once we got booed off, at half-time against Colchester, and rightly so. I would’ve done the same.

“Other than that, the supporters have been excellent and can see we’re not far away.”

Flynn has been keen to ensure Walsall’s Essington training base remains an exciting and rewarding working environment for all of his players to enjoy.

He added: “One thing I can’t stand is sulking. I won’t walk around this place sulking and feeling sorry for myself.

“I don’t expect that from my players. It doesn’t mean they don’t care. I look in their eyes day in and day out, and I know they care. They want to do well.

“There’s only one way to turn it around. You’ve got to be concentrating for the whole match and working as hard as you can every day. It’s as simple as that.

“We’re playing well. I had these runs a few times at Newport, and we weren’t playing well.

“We know what we’re doing and it’s not our first rodeo. We know the wins will come as long as we keep working hard and believing in what we do.”