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Michael Flynn still in the market for more Walsall signings

Walsall boss Michael Flynn insists he is still on the lookout for more players and has thanked the club’s hierarchy for their support.


The Saddlers have already made 16 new signings in this window.

But with Conor Wilkinson, Joss Labadie, Liam Gordon, Joe Riley and Oisin McEntee all on the shelf, Flynn remains on the hunt for a couple more fresh faces.

Flynn – whose side were back in action at Gillingham today – said: “I’m looking, for more than one, but it’s got to be the right ones.

“I’ve got my list, my second list and my third list. Ben (Boycott) and Leigh (Pomlett) have been outstanding.

“Basically, I’m giving them the problems of how we do it as the budget is right at the end, but they’re being very helpful.

“There’s not just a straight ‘no’, there’s reasoning behind it, and I understand. You can’t have ‘yes’ all the time. I’ve never been used to that, and I’ll never demand it.

“To see that they’re supporting is very helpful as it’s nobody’s fault that we’ve got five players out who could all be in the first team. We’ve got one or two more struggling as well.

“They see that and they’ve got a clear structure, a clear plan. They get it. They get I’m not just banging on the door because another player has become available – they know there is a genuine reason. It’s what we’re trying to work out together.

“That’s what I like about it. Matt Jordan has been excellent as well, so it’s been a real push together.”

Meanwhile, Walsall are hoping Riley can make another step towards fitness next week having picked up an injury in pre-season.

Flynn added: “He’s had new orthotics. We’d been waiting to see a specialist and get those fitted and done.

"I’m hoping he will be out on the grass next week. How he reacts to that, I don’t know. I’m not getting too carried away but it’s a bit more positive.”