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Walsall chiefs set no fixed progress timeline

Co-chairman Ben Boycott says the Trivela Group do not have a fixed three or five-year plan for Walsall and are instead focused on ‘incremental progress’.

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The Saddlers are gearing up for the new League Two season in the wake of the American investment group taking over the club earlier this month.

When asked if Trivela have a specific plan for the next three or five years, Boycott said: “The nice thing about the way we’ve structured our company is we have no plans on exiting or reselling, or anything like that.

“As far as a three or five-year plan, the one timeline I’ll be specific about is that within two years, the club will own this stadium.

“Beyond that, it really is that incremental progress.

“We just want to make the right step every day and see the club advance.”