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LETTER: Lack of lighting makes it difficult

What exciting news, the government is to pump a further £200 million pounds into the coffers of local governments to carry out much needed road repairs. Bad news for old codgers like me, this will probably not include footpaths.

A pavement

But wait, what about the street lighting, especially when it’s raining and one is duty bound to take the lodger dog for his final walk. I am well equipped for the job, but with the lights being so dim these nights, it becomes very difficult to find what you are looking for.

One must realise the sound of a small shovel scraping on the pavement can be rather frightening to a light sleeper.

Now I have been advised by the Highways Team that I can only report one issue/defect at a time. Whilst taking a torch has been suggested, I would add that it is rather difficult to restrain a large dog from chasing a stray cat, kneeling down, holding open a plastic bag in the wind with the left hand and a shovel in the other and then completing the loading operation makes it very difficult to hold a torch. Perhaps one of the Highways Team could hold the torch in future?

Derek Bodley, Bilbrook

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