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LETTER: Afternoon naps give me a boost

A boffin from University College London has suggested that taking a nap during the day will/may help reduce shrinkage of the brain in those of the older community, and help reduce the mental effects of old age.

An afternoon nap

Well folks, it’s not something we really need reminding of, as I religiously crash out for an hour or so every day.

This article in a national daily only confirms my own thoughts about a quick kip, as and when required, in that my few remaining brain cells are fully charged and raring to go, once I escape from the arms of Morpheus.

At a family gathering here at Levy Towers, one of the grand kids said “Grumpy Grandad, how do you know all this stuff?” which caught me a bit off guard.

I replied “well little person, I suppose it’s the wisdom of years, and collected random snippets of history, published events, reading lots of books, and generally taking a interest in the world we all live in, and not having the distraction of electronic gadgets.”

I didn’t mention having a sly 60 minutes zonked-out every afternoon, the organic version of battery charging.

Now I’m entering my eighth retired year, and I hope that having a quick afternoon nap will keep my intellect and thought processes just as sharp and incisive as when I were a young man. Not much chance of that, but we live in hope.

As we all get older, and I hope wiser, the brain functions slow down as time rolls on. However, if the academics and medical profession recommend a mid-afternoon sleep to help keep us oldies in fine mental fettle, who am I to argue?

Must go, there is a pillow upstairs with my name on it.

Tony Levy, Wednesfield

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