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LETTER: Starmer's plan won’t cut energy bills

I listened with interest to Sir Kier Starmer’s energy policy in which he recently outlined his proposal to shut down North Sea oil and gas production and fill the British countryside with wind turbines.

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I must admit that although it sounds fine on paper, the reality is quite different. At present because of the intermittent nature of wind and solar, both of these methods would require one hundred per cent of back-up power to maintain an uninterrupted supply of electrical energy when wind and solar are absent.

I would love for Sir Kier to explain to me how having to double up on energy production in this manner will make the price of energy cheaper.

Another puzzling aspect regarding his energy policy is that whilst the Labour Party maintains that it is the party of the less well-off and working classes of Britain, why he thinks that having to deprive them of transport, (or at least the ones that will not be able to buy or charge their electric vehicles or run their heat pumps), how his green policy will benefit them?

In a radio interview, a GMB Union official, Gary Smith, spoke out against the Labour Party’s Green initiative saying that the move to a lower carbon environment should be made at a more measured pace to ensure that the least damage would be caused to our economy.

If, as Sir Kier proposes, we cut down and phase out our fossil fuels by 2030, the shock to our economy would be cataclysmic. It is going to be a delicate balancing act to reduce our carbon emissions but we have to balance that against people’s jobs and wellbeing.

Alan Smith, Wolverhampton

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