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LETTER: It’s time to stop the blame game over Brexit vote

Ron Goodall (letters page June 9) says “We need to be rid of EU.”

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He then seeks to lay the blame squarely at the feet of those who voted remain for the perceived failure rather than those who voted for Brexit or those elected in 2019 to “get it done”.

Whilst I’d voted remain and had been a lifetime Lib Dem supporter I believed in the democratic vote to leave and opposed any attempts for a second referendum or campaign to rejoin.

The truth, obvious since the vote however, is that those who voted to leave the EU (as stated by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage) had no plan about what to do.

They ignored anyone who sought to point to potential damage it would have on the UK economy. It has become increasingly obvious that Brexit voters had numerous, often opposed views, on what Brexit should result in and it is this alone that has led to the situation we find ourselves in.

Since the vote, Remainers like me have had no choice but to watch the mess unfold. He talks about ridding ourselves of EU laws whilst failing to appreciate that they were not imposed on us by the EU.

In reality, many were UK laws we managed to get the EU to accept on a multitude of issues such as animal management, phones, drug laws, health and safety etc.

For now we need to stop the blame game and seek to make the situation work for the UK as best we can.

Roy Sheward, Walsall

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