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LETTER: Research will show vape risk

On a daily basis and on all services, I confront back seat vapours at considerable risk to my person.


I face the back on my mobility scooter, so I’m the only passenger to see everything that goes on. When the vaping starts I yell ‘No vaping on the bus girls/boys’ but this almost always falls on deaf ears.

But how can I continue to be a one-man anti-vaping campaigner when some drivers congregate and vape?

I’m not anti-youth (I have a 20-year-old grandson and a teenage granddaughter), and vaping is highly addictive and is very difficult to wean off (many have tried).

The British and Australian governments have taken action in recent weeks to control advertisements and the sale of vapes to under 16s.

Most vapers have never smoked cigarettes, so the argument that vaping is an aid to stop smoking cigarettes does not hold water – it is a social lifestyle choice. Only last week I witnessed a girl aged around 20 vaping every few seconds for a full eight minutes until the tram arrived.

Scientific evidence in the coming years may prove that vaping has a huge impact on vital organs. Recent reports suggest some brands have high levels of lead, nickel and chromium. All three, especially lead, are almost impossible to flush from the body.

Graham Payne, Walsall

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