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LETTER: No one will gain in the long-term

We should all be out on the streets demanding this government acts for the general public not the corporations.


Instead of letting Shell, for instance, renege on its commitment to reduce oil production to keep us below 1.5 degrees and allowing share holders to increase their share prices while increasing consumer prices, it should act in the public interest.

No one will gain in the long-term from a catastrophically heated planet. And surely it is unethical to allow shareholders to make tons of money while ordinary people are struggling to pay their bills, and poorly insulated houses waste energy while their occupants suffer from extremes of hot or cold weather.

We can see that this is a global problem – fish dying as the oceans get warmer and contain less oxygen, crop failures due to drought and floods, thousands of people dying in other parts of the world leading to mass displacement and climate refugees. And we were warned many decades ago but took little notice.

There are plenty of solutions but no political will to change our archaic profit over environment system.

More offshore wind and solar, batteries and storage systems, street by street insulation, and a modernised efficient grid system would not only ensure we do not need to rely on oil, coal and gas but would also provide thousands of new jobs.

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