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LETTER: Lack of staff is cause of chaos

Holidaymakers faced chaos as more than 150 UK flights were cancelled. Most of the less diligent media followed the government line that airports and airlines have been ill prepared for the wave of bookings. Not a surprise.

Airport queues

Perhaps memories of crazy traffic - light system flights imposed on airlines and travellers and the mayhem of last minute changes to a country's status with little or no warning are too painful to revisit.

Almost all airlines had to re-finance to survive.

Were such absurd measures effective in containing Covid-19 at great inconvenience and expense to individuals and companies?

No, look at the infection levels over last winter for your factual answer.

Airport chaos is caused by the lack of staff and recent changes in visas and access to countries by UK citizens created by the governments own isolationist policies.

Air travel and convenient holiday breaks for families may never be the same again. well done all those ignoring the plight of air travellers and the UK companies trying to keep their business.

Doug James, Walsall

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