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LETTER: Everyone seems to be cashing in on the myth

A reader discusses climate change.

Cooling towers.

Surely other people, whatever greater power they believe in, have also had the foresight to see the “climate change bandwagon” for what it is. This planet, a possibly unique but resilient ecosystem, has been in constant change for billions of years. The combination of our orbit, sun spots, geothermal activity, tectonic plates, the gravity of the moon, continental drift and even our wobbly axis have all contributed to this. The only certainty is its unpredictability, even with all the science, mathematics and computing power we now possess, we can barely predict the weather. When the Earth’s land masses once smashed together to form one island, Pangea, the effect on the world was the death of 90 per cent all living species due to climate change.

The subsequent movement of continents, volcanoes, several ice ages, (possibly even meteor strikes), has seen the rise and the total extinction of many species. Scotland is, to this day, still bouncing back from the last big ice age. The iceberg the Titanic ran into was there anyway. Weather patterns, geothermal activity and future meteor strike are all outside human control. Now companies and countries are using these variations as an excuse to charge more for hydrocarbon fuels and energy. By the time history proves it was all within the normal range of change, this generation will be dead and following ones brainwashed to believe that natural entropy is reversible and it was all caused by man’s tiny influence.

The world leaders, politicians and fanatics are all cashing in on the myth, some make a living off the fear and lies. Instead of beating ourselves up, we should accept that we cannot change these natural disasters, and Earth has been through it all before and that a greater hand, be it God or Gaia, will prevail over our minute influence on it all. Let’s accept and enjoy ourselves, (in moderation), as an extinction level event could happen tomorrow and, like the next ice age, a tiny rise in average temperature or any other cyclic change to this planet, there is nothing we can do about it.

Graham Lewis, Shrewsbury

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