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LETTER: Cyclists need to wear bright clothes

A reader discusses the attire of cyclists.

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A cyclist

We went out in our car to get some fresh fruit and vegetables, and as I am recovering from Covid, and suffer from arthritis, we did as recommended by our doctors and sought somewhere flat to walk. As it was very sunny on Saturday, 7 November, we expected to see lots of cyclists. We were not disappointed.

Many of the “new cyclists”, noticeable because of their positions on their bikes, but also because they were wearing highly visible clothing, and were riding, mainly, gently. Not so the experienced people though. Very well positioned on their bikes, and riding much faster. Mainly in dark clothing. What is the good of having white socks/shoes if their main body is covered in dark attire?

I have raised this point before, with cycling gear shops, “The clothing is impregnated with luminous threads”. Visible to car headlights, but through trees in sunlight?

Peter Cole, Kingswinford

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