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New video shows current state of Crooked House site as sections collapse

A new video and images has shown the current state of the site of the Crooked House, with several parts either collapsing or nearing collapse.

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The remnants of the pub are still visible amid the demolished site. Photo: James Raybone

The images and drone video by James Raybone show that the vaulted cellar arch at the pub has now collapsed, along with smaller sections of the pub collapsing, and the cellar now full of water.

Mr Raybone posted a message on the Save the Crooked House: Let's get it rebuilt Facebook page to update people about the state of the pub.

An overall view of where parts of the pub used to be. Photo: James Raybone

He said: "I have been to the site today and got the drone up.

"This is a very short video because i really didn't want to hang about, but the video highlights a couple of developments with the site.

"The vaulted cellar arch that had the large crack in it has collapsed. This is not unexpected as this section of masonry was never meant to be exposed to the elements, the fire and then subsequent demolition left a large crack down the centre.

"With the recent cold and wet, it has finally given in and if the top of an arch fails, it falls inwards, which this has.

"On the opposite side, further smaller sections have collapsed. There is more support on the other side as you can see extra beams and so this collapse will be smaller and more sporadic. But it will slowly fall.

"The cellars are now full of water, and thus dangerous."

The group is continuing to campaign for the rebuilding of the pub, which was gutted by a fire, then demolished, in August.