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Comment: Local elections showed voters are weary of a party that is out of ideas and divided

The defeat suffered by former Conservative Mayor Andy Street during the local elections was one taken on the chin.

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Defeated Conservative Andy Street after Labour's Richard Parker is elected as the new Mayor of West Midlands

With typical candour and good grace, Mr Street said he had failed to make the case for his brand of moderate conservatism.

Unusually, for a mayor who served the West Midlands with remarkable distinction, he was wrong. It was not Mr Street who lost the election. Nor, indeed, was it Rishi Sunak. It was the party that both men are members of: the Conservatives.

After 14 years, they are seen by voters as tired, out of ideas, and divided. If they fight the same campaign in the General Election, they will be assured of defeat – if they are not already.