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'They can watch you bleed': Abusive partner threatened to slit victim's throat in front of children

An abusive partner threw a beer can at his girlfriend, sent her "disgusting" messages and threatened her with a cut-throat razor.

Shrewsbury Crown Court

Anthony Gallagher, aged 41 and of Wolverhampton, carried out a campaign of abuse against the Telford woman which included telling her she was a "fat cow" and smashing her daughter's phone.

Shrewsbury Crown Court was told that Gallagher was in a "catastrophic and damaging" relationship with the victim for three years.

On one occasion last summer, he took her car without consent and demanded money. When he turned up at her house, she gave him £50 but he dragged her out of bed and threw a can of beer at her.

A court order was put in place banning him from seeing her, however he defied that ruling, going on holiday to Greece with her last September.

The victim said Gallagher "behaved like a gentleman" while on holiday, but when he got home he returned to using drugs and went back to his "old self".

Prosecutor John R. Oates told the court that Gallagher sent her "horrible, vile" messages, including one saying she was "not fit to be a mother".

One time, when she was spending a few days in Chester, he accused her of having another man there.

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