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'Nobody expects to find a monkey around here': Mystery monkey found inside Wolverhampton woman's conservatory

A mysterious monkey made himself at home in a Wolverhampton woman's conservatory.

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The startled lady woke up with the unusual guest in her home, but initially thought it was a big squirrel.

He was found on Sunday April 14, and had even been seen lounging in her garden days before making it into her home.

Cutely named Marcel, the exotic Marmoset is now being cared for after being taken in by the volunteer team at Wings and Paws, who have suggested the poor monkey had been abandoned by owners as it was too "friendly" to have escaped from a zoo.

Marcel the Marmoset monkey found his way into a woman’s conservatory earlier this month

Instead of causing a raucous in the lady's home, Marcel spent his time on the volunteer's laps grooming them, which according to the volunteer is a "way to make friends".

Speaking on the discovery, Wings and Paws team member Gemma Warner, 41, said: "We got a call from a woman who told us 'there's a wild animal in my house' and asked for a description.

"Based on what she said we expected to find a fox or a squirrel, but when the team arrived at her home they came across a wild monkey.

"Luckily the volunteer was really experienced, and although they were quite shocked, they handled it really well."

Gemma Warner said Marcel was far too friendly to have been wild, and susspects that his previous owners abandoned him

Soon after the discovery, the care team placed Marcel inside a cat cage and took him back to their HQ where they're now looking after him full-time while awaiting a suitable home where he can "live happily ever after".

Gemma, said: "The lady who found Marcel was shocked, nobody expects to find a monkey in Wolverhampton.

"He's doing really well, he's put on a load of weight which is great because he was very skinny when we found him.

"But his friendliness is actually a problem because it means if he's put in an enclosure with others like him they would probably bully him.

"We suspect he was released by human owners - it often happens when people realise they're not equipped to look after animals like this."

Thankfully, the re-homing of Marcel is in full swing and they're in talks with Monkey World - in Dorset - who might be able to take him in.

Gemma added: "But if not, we'll get him a proper enclosure here and he can stay with us until something more suitable is found."

Additional reporting by Lauren Hill

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