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Maisie set for nation's screens as part of one per cent game show

A local girl is set to appear on the nation's screens after making an appearance on a unique game show.

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Maisie McClure is set to take on 99 other quizzers on Saturday night on ITVs "The One Per Cent Club", a quiz show hosted by comedian Lee Mack and not based on general knowledge, like many shows, but of "logic and common sense", with an ultimate prize of £100,000 up for grabs.

The 22-year-old, who is at university in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but comes from Albrighton, said the whole experience had been amazing and surreal from applying for the show to filming in Manchester.

She said she and her mum Michelle loved to play along with the show, usually getting the answers right and decided to apply to be on the show, although it quickly became a solo pursuit for her.

She said: "I regularly watch the show with my family and mum and I always makes sure everyone has got their answers before we give ours, so it's always been a fun thing to do.

"I do love a quiz show and, one day, mum said she had seen something on Facebook about them advertising for the next series, so she said we should do it as there's never been a mother and daughter on the show before.

"I went on and applied, but mum didn't and I decided to carry on with the application, then got invited for an audition, which I was very casual about because I never expected to get any further than that."

Maisie said she had been really nervous on the day, but had really enjoyed the experience

Maisie said that after the audition, she got invited to the next stage, which was answering 15 questions in the style of the show and being interviewed about herself.

It was after this and a few more calls that she found out she'd got onto the show, following an invitation call from one of the producers to come to filming in Manchester in November last year, something she said she was still amazed about.

She said: "I wasn't expecting it as I knew that I'd applied, but I didn't think it would amount to anything, so I just laughed when I got the news.

"What was nice was the response from everyone as everyone was excited that I made it, while some of my uni friends said that if I won, I was paying for the next night out."

Maisie said the filming day itself was a long one, lasting around seven hours, but said it was exciting and that despite being nervous, she found it to be a great experience, if a bit surreal.

She said: "I was so nervous and I'm a big stress head, so I was very nervous the whole time, but it was such a good experience and Lee Mack was so funny and the audience were great.

"It was just so random, being on this set that you see on TV all the time and then actually being there for yourself, so it was very surreal."

Maisie also joked that her mum was very annoyed about not applying, but said she was very proud of her daughter for getting on the show, and also said that while she was a little bit shy about it, she was looking forward to seeing the show on Saturday night.

She said: "If I'm honest, I'd have people look away when I'm on as I'm very embarrassed about it, but it will be good and it'll be very exciting.

"I reckon it'll be random shots of me and then my mum will be pausing the TV every time I come up to take a picture to show everyone.

"I'd actually almost prefer it if they blurred me as I'm really not an attention person, but I know that's not the case, so I hope people enjoy the show."

"The One Per Cent Club" is on ITV on Saturday night at 8.30pm.