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Wolverhampton mayor tells councillors that roof of Civic Centre 'would not collapse on them'

The Mayor of Wolverhampton assured councillors that the roof of the Civic Centre would not collapse on them as he opened a meeting of the council.

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Wolverhampton Civic Centre. Photo: Joe Sweeney

Councillor Mike Hardacre assured members that the building was safe after the Express & Star revealed that the roof of the Civic Centre contained reinforced aerated autoclave concrete (Raac), the so-called 'danger' concrete which has resulted in the closure of public buildings across the country.

The mayor joked: "It sometimes feels as if, in the face of minor difficulties, that the sky is going to fall in. Can I assure you that neither the sky, nor the ceiling is going to fall in on this building.

"As part of this whole issue, despite the lurid wishes of the Express & Star, it's not going to happen. Let's hope it falls on the right people."

Councillor Hardacre said a small piece of the material had been discovered during a routine inspection, which would be replaced during the summer break.