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High emotions and star jumps as Manny completes epic 195-mile trek

The emotions were high and the celebrations long and loud as a charity fundraiser completed his biggest challenge yet - walking from Molineux to Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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The end of 195 miles for Manny Singh Kang as he takes in St James's Park in Newcastle. Photo: Manny Singh Kang

There were loud cheers for Manny Sinh Kang as he approached the Sir Bobby Robson statue outside St James's Park, marking the end of a 195-mile walking challenge to raise funds for Dementia UK.

The 51-year-old even did a few star jumps as he arrived at the stadium before the game between Newcastle United and Wolves, before going onto the pitch to meet Wolves manager Gary O'Neil and midfielder Tommy Doyle.

It was the end of an epic journey which saw Mr Singh Kang overcome freezing conditions, sore feet and legs, high climbs and drops and early starts in the five days since starting with his son Jeevan opposite the Billy Wright statue at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton at 5am on Tuesday.

The Angel of the North welcomes Manny Singh Kang to the final stage of his journey. Photo: Manny Singh Kang

Along the way, he was forced to continue alone after Jeevan was unable to continue due to blisters on his feet, then had to be rescued himself on the fourth day between Leeming Bar and Durham due to freezing rain, but he has overcome it all to reach St James's Park in time for kick off.

He finished the walk alongside Jeevan, who was able to recover from his injuries and join his father on Tyneside for the final walk, and said the emotions were still very high and he was thankful for all the kind support.

He said: "The people in Newcastle have been honking their car horns and coming out to meet me as I've been walking along and, to be honest, I was a blubbering wreck for about 10 miles because of that and reading some of the messages, and it meant so much to have Jeevan with me as we started this together.

"I can't believe what I've done and how the whole area looks after I was there, as the Pennines are covered in snow and the weather has just been getting harder and harder, with yesterday being really hard as I had to be rescued due to the cold, but after I warmed up, I got back on the road.

Manny was reunited with his son Jeevan, who had to pull out early due to an injury, but was able to join the final leg. Photo: Manny Singh Kang

"Today has been a shorter route, about 18 miles, and I've just been taking in the messages and feeling the euphoria of getting here and getting it done."

Among the well-wishers sending messages of support were his friends, TV presenter Suzi Perry, who chatted with him on Instagram during the week, and Wolves manager Gary O'Neil, who sent Mr Singh Kang his best wishes at a press conference.

There was even a message of support from Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer.

For Manny Singh Kang, the journey had been worth it to help Dementia UK, with close to £50,000 raised for the charity, and he said he hoped he could inspire other people to do challenges such as his.

He said: "I think when you do good things, it just makes an impact and encourages people.

"There was a family which went past and I know them very well and I gave their kid my pole, which has been all around the country with me.

"I said to him that he could have it and that, one day, he'll use it and raise funds for charity just like I did."