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Ultra-rare book from 1752 is on sale in Wolverhampton - but you'll need to know Latin to read it

The search is on for anyone who can make sense of "an incredibly rare" book for sale in Wolverhampton, a 1752 tome about diseases written in Latin.

Judith Goodman with the oldest book in the Mander Centre

The 272-year-old leather-bound book is for sale at the Pop Up Bookshop, in the Mander Centre, and is the subject of morbid fascination.

Observations De Aere et Morbis Epidemicis by Joanne Huxham is on sale for just £50 due to "the subject matter and written in Latin".

Bookseller Judith Goodman described the book about epidemic diseases as "incredibly rare but also incredibly difficult to sell".

However, when first printed the book was seen as cutting-edge science and medical thought, and sold throughout Europe, helped by its Latin prose.

Judith told the Express & Star: "The book is very rare and is the oldest book I have in the Pop Up Bookshop.