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Wolverhampton named UK's most romantic city - so we asked locals if they agreed

Wolverhampton has been crowned the UK's most romantic city, so we took to the city's streets to ask residents if they agreed.

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Jack Harris and Louella Moore weren't convinced about the claim Wolverhampton is the UK's most romantic city

The unusual crown comes as new national research revealed that more than 82 per cent of Wolverhampton residents are set to purchase Valentine's Day gifts this year, making them the most romantic.

The figures, released by stationary retailer, Ryman, show that eight out of ten participants said they would be getting their significant other a card or gift, more than anywhere else in the country.

In light of the recent revelation, we asked the city's residents if they agreed with the romantic figures.

Stuart Foxall said: "I mean, I don't think it's really that romantic, no. There are building works going on at the moment so there is that, but I guess if you go away from the city centre.

"There are some nice places in the Black Country. Me and my partner really like going to Penn Tandoori, they are really good there and it's really nice inside."